Setting up a workflow in Dubsado

Hey guys! I’ve done a screen sharing video to walk you through how I set up a workflow on the client relationship management (“CRM”) software, Dubsado. The video begins with an overview of how and when to use workflow automation and some tips to help you decide when to invest in such a program. If you want to skip to the steps necessary to begin setting up your workflow, fast forward to minute 2:20. If you’ve already mapped your whole workflow and have drafted all your canned emails, you can fast forward to minute 8:30 where you can see how to “add an action” within the workflow sub-dashboard.

The video cuts off a little abruptly at the end, but my concluding thought is below!

Okay, so what I wanted to say at the end is just that Dubsado is a powerful tool that can free you up from redundant tasks while keeping your communication with clients authentic, BUT one that takes a big investment of set-up time, not to mention the monthly subscription fee. With that in mind, I highly suggest that you jump into this task during your off-season. In June or October, you likely won’t have time to thoughtfully map out your process, draft canned emails and useful questionnaires, and create the workflow automations that make CRMs a valuable investment. But once you do, it will hopefully make your next busy season more bearable, and dare I say enjoyable!

If you decide that Dubsado is a good investment for your business, use my referral link. You’ll get a discount and I’ll get credit to pay my own monthly subscription. ;)

And thank you for watching! I hope this was helpful! Please leave comments with your experience with CRMs or any questions!

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